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Acolyte is just a fancy term for someone who assists the priest.  “In the meantime, the boy Samuel continued to serve the Lord, wearing a sacred linen apron. Each year his mother would make a little robe and take it to him when she accompanied her husband to offer the yearly sacrifice…The boy Samuel grew up in the service of the Lord.” 1 Samuel 2:18-21

Samuel is one of the first examples of an assistant to a priest. The job of an acolyte is to assist the celebrant (the priest in charge of a worship service) and enhance the worship service to help glorify God.  At Holy Spirit, anyone who is at least in the 4th grade may be considered to be an acolyte.  There is training and commitment involved.  Mary Bea and Toni, the Acolyte Leader believe acolytes should be supported and encouraged and that as best as possible, the responsibility meaningful and fun.

We are blessed to have a fabulous team of acolytes and always looking for new participants.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being an Acolyte

Click here to download a printable version of our acolyte manual.

If you are, or know, an exceptional youth between 5th grade and 12th grade who is interested in more information about becoming an Acolyte, please contact our Acolyte Leader Toni Nash