Easter 4B April 26th, 2015

Love in Action 

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Rev. Mary Bea Sullivan

“Love in Action is listening to the life of a young man with the ‘ear of the heart’ as St. Benedict would say.  As our hearts are filled with gratitude and appreciation for the love Christ has shown us, we are compelled to allow that love to spill over into the world.  It is a love with an unending source, so we need not hoard it with a fear of not having enough.” Read more… or listen to the entire sermon.

From the Vestry

Welcome to the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit! We are an inclusive, inquiring community doing our best to follow in the path set forth by Jesus.

Our mission is to create worship, ministries, education, and social gatherings which support our deepening discipleship with Christ.  We believe it is important that our experience of “church” reaches beyond the confines of any building or worship service; and that it must be relevant to how we live our lives–how we raise our families, care for aging parents, mend broken relationships,  approach our vocations, and participate in the needs of our community and the world.

Grateful for Christ’s message of love, grace, and forgiveness , we  attempt to embody that for our families, church, and the greater community.  We are grounded in the teachings and worship of the Episcopal Church.

It is our experience that deepening discipleship is lived out in individual prayer and study,corporate worshipChristian education, sharing of gifts, gathering in community, and tending to the least of these.  We believe the Holy Scriptures are living words, pointing to the way as ascribed by the Living Word–Christ.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please join us for one of our worship offerings, adult or children’s educational programs, or contact us directly for a conversation. office@holyspirit-al.org


Proper 13A Mary Bea Sullivan August 3, 2014

Sermons should have a PDF link to the program which will be uploaded in WordPress and will have an embedded Youtube or Vimeo video recording. Audio can be used in WordPress as well, but we would have to configure that. I reccommend Soundcloud for uploading audio regularly.

What Holy Spirit Means to Us


In honor of our 13 year anniversary, we asked folks at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit Alabaster what they like about church.


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