August 14, 2016 – Waking Up

The fire being rained down on us now by incendiary political rhetoric is the fire of devastation and destruction.  The fire Jesus calls forth is the purification of the refiner’s fire.  A fire that burns for the justice that God desires for all of God’s people—which is everyone.

Listen to Rev. Mary Bea’s sermon here or read it here.

August 7, 2016 – Inheritors of the Dream

We are inheritors of the dream.  This is our time to step out in faith to carry on Christ’s work here at Holy Spirit in Alabaster…
What do YOU hope for this church?  If you had faith that things which are now invisible may become seen, what do you wish to see? What do you wish for our children? For our seniors? for our community? for our missional work? for our being a place of rest?  For our learning? for our growing in faith?
Listen to Rev. Mary Bea’s sermon here or you can read it here.