Invite, Welcome, Connect

So here’s the deal…we have a fabulous place for people to worship, support each other, and be engaged in the community.

The challenge can be “getting the word out,” and making sure all of the new people, and people who have been involved in Holy Spirit for a long time are matched with opportunities that met their interests and needs.

Enter Invite, Welcome Connect  (IWC) the brain-child of Mary Parmer from the Diocese of Texas.

The Invite-Welcome-Connect ministry is a team of members who create and nurture an environment to ensure that the community, guests, and members, are Invited, Welcomed, and Connected at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is to provide a deeper sense of Christian discipleship and community.

IWC promotes Holy Spirit’s programs with articles, signage, and brochures;  fosters relationships by greeting newcomers; and connects folks with the ministries that meet their interests and needs.  Want to get involved?  Come to a service, help pack beans and rice, meet with our Rector…know that we are open to your new ideas and willing to be changed by our getting to know one another.

Church Welcome Banner Red