Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Sometimes we need a little extra support–a prayer before surgery, encouragement during life transitions, a partner through a time of grief. Other times we might desire spiritual guidance to deepen in faith– a listening ear to help discern what God might be encouraging one to explore, a prayer partner, or a small group of fellow seekers.

Although the  clergy takes the lead in providing pastoral and spiritual care, laypersons are also involved in both.

Holy Spirit takes it commitment to care for one another seriously. We use the Support Team model to provide practical, emotional & spiritual support to persons in need .  That can mean a meal team providing nourishment during a difficult time or after the birth or adoption of a baby.  It might also take the form of providing rides, or visits to someone who no longer cares.  Support Teams enhance the communication with the care receiver and allows the team members to offer what they can, when they can, in a coordinated way.

Spiritual support takes the form of one-on-one visits and small group encounters.