The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit partnered with Alabaster City Schools hosting their Summer Feeding Program. Holy Spirit also received a grant from the diocese to provide new books to these children for summer reading! This time was full of community with each other and with our neighbors. We were grateful to be part of this beautiful program.

Reflection from Mary Bea:

Reflection from Sharon:

Reflection from Toni:

Reflection from Zachary:

Reflection from Beth Ann: “I liked being able to do it with Daniel. It was a way for us to contribute and do service together as a family.”

Reflection from Debra: ” I got a lot of joy from doing this program. Seeing the kids smiling and excited about the books was a highlight of the program. I am sure next summer we will have an even better set up in order to maximize this great program.”

Reflection from Erin: “I throughly enjoyed my afternoons volunteering for our summer feeding program. It provided an opportunity to get to know more members at Holy Spirit as well as meet new people from the community. It was great to see the partnership between Alabaster City Schools and local community centers and churches. And above all it was a pleasure to see the children’s faces light up as they picked out their books and took their lunch bags.”

Reflection from Mandy: “I loved being so connected with our church family and our neighboring community. It also brings me so much joy to see those children devouring those books! What a gift to be a part of this!”

Reflection from Marian: “It was a pleasure to meet our neighbors and feel so welcome in their community.  I certainly received more than I gave and left with a happy heart.”

Reflection from Janet: “I would just say that I found the dedication of our Holy Spirit team to be so inspiring that it made me want to arrange to get off work whenever possible to be able to help them help others. That was not an easy task but well worth the energy. Seeing the interaction between the kids and the workers was wonderful!!!!”


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