Vestry Updates

June 12th, 2016 Update:  After serving as treasurer for the past 6 years, Bill Sorenson resigned in April to allow for more flexibility and ability to travel to visit family. The vestry has expressed our deep gratitude to Bill for his years of dedicated weekly service in this role. We are fortunate enough to have another very generous church member who has volunteered to step into the treasurer position. Al Delchamps has be approved to serve as the new treasurer and the vestry is very confident that we will continue to be in good hands. Bill Sorenson has offered to continue to serve on the Treasury Committee along with Al Delchamps and Jason Portney The treasurers report noted that our expected revenue from annual pledges May was $11,361 but our actual was $9,847.68. Our year to date variance in annual pledges is $3,350.77.

Doug and Mary Bea met with Peg Thompson for a 6 month review for her position as Organist and Choir Director. In light of the review and an examination of Peg’s starting salary, which was below market pay for the position, the vestry concluded that her annual salary should be increased to bring it closer to market rates. In addition there will be another opportunity for an increase in August at her one year review.

Other topics of note included an update on the Taste of the Spirit fundraiser and silent auction event on July 23, HS cook book sale, a new signage frame for better visibility of our banners off of Kent Dairy road, and an update on the Summer Feeding program.

April 24th, 2016 Update: The vestry met on April 24 to review the financial reports for Jan to March 2016 and discuss the future of the treasurer position. Bill Sorenson is stepping down after 6 years of faithful service to church. We are so appreciative of the excellent job that Bill has done as treasurer and we wish him well as he spends more time traveling and visiting grandchildren. Al Delchamps and Jason Portney both have expressed interest in providing further support in the treasury committee. We will have more details about this transition after our June vestry meeting.