The Vestry has three primary roles:

  • Manage parish finances
  • Manage the buildings
  • Choose, support, and those in leadership positions like clergy and staff

Who is on the vestry?

The vestry consists of lay members of the church elected by the congregation at the annual parish meeting.  The vestry of Holy Spirit church currently has nine elected members. The vestry has a  Senior Warden who is sometimes referred to as “The Rector’s Warden” because he or she is to be of particular support to the rector.  There is also a Junior Warden who is particularly responsible for the buildings and grounds. The remaining officers, Secretary and Treasurer, are chosen by the vestry from among the members of the congregation at large. Vestry members normally serve a three year term and must be members in good standing of the parish.  They must be confirmed Episcopalians, participate fully in worship and life of the parish and are “known to the Treasurer” i.e. they contribute financially.

Current Vestry 

Chaed Agee – Sr. Warden (class of 2019)

Michael Wilbanks – Jr. Warden (class of 2019)

Al Delchamps – Treasurer

Tara Portney- Secretary

Matt Roth – Building & Grounds

  • Arts & Furnishings Committee
  • Clean/Mow Team
  • Columbarium

Buzz Palmer– Outreach

  • Beans & Rice
  • Angel Tree
  • Backpack Ministry

Janet Cooley – Education

  • Childrens’ Education
  • Junior and Senior High EYC
  • Adults/Special Program
  • Vacation Bible School

Mary Hodgetts – Care of One Another

  • Parish Life
  • Pastoral Care
  • Diocese Connection

– Invite*Welcome*Connect

  • Communications
  • Ushers/Greeters
  • Gifts for the Spirit
  • Coffee Hour

– Administration/Finance

  • Personnel
  • Finance
  • Stewardship
  • Administration

Victoria Knierim – Worship

  • Altar Guild
  • Choir
  • Acolytes
  • Lay Eucharits Ministers
  • Lectors
  • Daughters of the King