What to Expect

All are welcome to worship with us at Holy Spirit!

When we gather on Sunday mornings we worship out of the Book of Common Prayer and sing out of the 1982 Hymnal and the Alleluia III Songbook.  Most of the service is contained in the bulletins to make it easier for guests to follow the service.

We generally celebrate the Eucharist at Sunday Services .   All are welcome to participate fully and receive the Eucharist, and it is perfectly acceptable to choose not to partake.  The service has a rhythm to it:

  • We gather with an opening hymn and prayers
  • We listen to Scripture (Old Testament, Psalm, Epistle, and Gospel) chosen from the Revised Common Lectionary and a sermon
  • We exchange the peace and make community announcements
  • We pray the Eucharistic Prayer which includes
    • Taking the bread and wine as gifts from the congregation (representative of the gifts from God co-created with human hands; we also offer our whole selves in thanksgiving during this prayer).
    • Blessing the bread and the wine
    • Breaking the bread to be shared by all
    • Giving the bread and wine to those who wish to partake (It is perfectly acceptable to come forward for a blessing only, to only take the bread and not the wine, or to remain in your seat).
  • We are blessed by the priest and dismissed by the deacon to be Christ’s presence in the world

We take our liturgy seriously at Holy Spirit, but we are not fussy about it.  Worship is lively and engaging with children welcome to participate in all services.  You will notice people standing, sitting, and kneeling at different times in the service.  You are welcome to join in our pew aerobics at whatever level you choose.  Many people cross themselves at certain times in the service.  This is a reminder of the Trinity-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being present in our minds, hearts, and all around us.  Many people choose not to cross themselves at all. There is no right or wrong here.  We believe that worship is an experience of the soul, the heart, the head, and the entire body.

After church we offer coffee and snacks and time to chat.  After the 8:30 service we gather in the parish hall for Christian Education for all ages; after the 10:30 we just hang out for as long as folks like.  No pressure–just an opportunity.